Association of Chief Information Security Officer

Russian based Association of Chief Information Security Officer", was founded in 2010.

ACISO is the only professional operating consumer services organization in information security (IS) in Russia, information security management units that form the IS policies in their organizations of various sectors of the economy, government. In the creation of our association attended the key figures in the field of information security in Russia, civil society organizations, such as non-profit partnership of Operators Personal Information (NP OPR,, Union CIO's of Russia (RuCIO, the moment the Association – is a legal Inter-regional public organization (license of ministry of justice of Russian Federation № 11799000660), having own regional department in the Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, and participants in many Russian cities and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The participants of ACISO are worthy people of Russian society's of Information Security, Chief Information Security Officers of organizations acting in different field of economic; in the industry, bank sphere, in telecom firms and others. ACISO includes representatives of professional units and government. The Association of Chief Information Security Officers intends to play key role in the World of Information Security Society through forming own school of management of Information Security, national standards, and taking part in preparing the International documents and standards in the sphere of Information Security, to exchange information for the diagnosis of risk.

The goal of the Association is a helping to development of Information Society by effective using of technologies and facilities of Information Security in all spheres of business and social activities, increasing prestige of Information Security services and activity of head of business and society, helping members of the Association in methodological matters, in the qualification and the carrier growth.

Structure of ACISO

Committee on Government

Committee on Government Relations in ACISO responsible for working with government agencies as part of proposals for improving the legal and regulatory framework in the field of information security, of public policy development in information security in Russia, to assist in developing and implementing national and sectoral information security standards.

Committee of Urgent Risks

The task of the Committee of Urgent Risks is the collection, processing and providing participants of ACISO of information on current threats, the most effective ways to address them and mitigate risk.

Expertise's Committee

The expertise's committee is responsible for participation in the development of industry standards, review of draft information security, internal organizational and administrative documents, forming lists of honest and dishonest service providers and equipment for the security market.

Committee on Services

The tasks of the Committee on services and services include the formation of the requirements and recommendations for outsourcing services, information security managers to transfer to the IB-autsoring organization's resources. This work is aimed at creating conditions for accelerated development in the Russian market for outsourced services in the field of information security.

Committee of Creation System of
Certifications of Specialists in IS

Committee of creation system of certifications of specialists in Information Security should form a professional information security certification of a national system for information security professionals, the Russian Federation, to conduct an independent appraisal information security, as well as to coordinate efforts to improve their professional competencies.

Committee on Personnel Policies

Committee on Personnel Policies is responsible for the formation of personnel reserve, creation of the school the young leader IS, working with leading universities in the country, employment assistance managers and specialists of information security.

Contact Information

Contact Information

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Contact Information

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